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What People Have to Say about Triple K Drink and ReNuture*:

I love my Triple K! As a serious exerciser, in my upper 50’s (but you would never know it and I plan to make sure you never will!) I am always looking for an edge to get more out of every workout. Here’s what I do – before my morning workout, I add Triple K to some 1% milk. Not only is it delicious and tasty but I really like it has no added sugars at all. Then I do my workout or class – just today I rocked my Advanced Spin class – amazing energy! And I am still not hungry afterwards. Wow – keep that Triple K coming! Angela


It works! I am not hungry! I drink 2 servings back to back and I can go for hours. Hey, I notice my hair and nails seem to be really growing fast. Is that supposed to happen? - Sharon, Palm Beach


I love this product. It fills me up. It is really helping me because I am on a diet and trying to lose weight. Being hungry is the worst and being hungry is what keeps me falling off the wagon and cheating. The good news is TripleK tastes great! AND FILLS ME UP. But I have a confession to make. I have a sweet tooth. Actually I have a mouthful of sweet teeth, which means I like sugar. So, sometimes I add a little honey to my TripleK! This way it feels like I am having a rich decadent desert! I get my cheat in without cheating! - Sheryl, Edmonton


Hi Kellie, I received my Triple K and I love it. The taste is smooth, full bodied with hints of chocolate and cinnamon. I used it as a substitute for a late morning snack and wasn't hungry until dinner. I'm so grateful that I now have a healthy choice for my afternoon pick me up. I thought you should know. - Sandi H, Etobicoke


Hi Kellie, it’s Sandi again. Wanted to let you know about how I used TripleK late in the evening. I had had a 4pm lunch, came home from work late that night, and was hungry. I didn’t want a full meal or a large snack so late in the evening. So I had some TripleK! It filled me up, without feeling like I had a big lump my stomach (not good before you go to bed) and I was able to sleep beautifully! Thanks! - Sandi H, Etobicoke


Well I tried the product because I heard so many people rave. The first cup was disappointing. As was the second. It wasn't thick enough. Then I got the bright idea to add less water! Brilliant! It is now perfect in flavor and creaminess. Oh yeah. I'm not hungry and feel like I am eating something really evil, like something filled with calories, something I am not supposed to eat! Ty Triple K - Carol, Las Vegas


I like it. Tasty. I find it looks like espresso when I first pour the hot water in, you get the same crema cap on top. - Kelly, NYC


Hi Kellie...Wanted to let everyone one know that one drink per day may not be enough to fill you up. The label says recommend serving size is 2 per day. I had to up my serving size to 2 servings in the morning rather than 1. For me, 2 servings work and I feel great. Not hungry, oh, and I just all around feel better and stronger. - Cyndi, California


Hi Kellie, my Triple K arrived and I have to say I am more than thrilled. I have drank both packets in place of my morning coffee and thoroughly enjoyed the rich smooth taste. The taste is very similar to real dark chocolate hot cocoa (not hot chocolate with marshmallows and sugar etc.). I could drink it every morning easily. Start my day with Triple K!! - Darly B, Toronto


I love the whole idea of this product. Professionally, I am a Nurse, personal trainer, and medical aesthetician. I love to cook with fresh healthy ingredients. So when I was first introduced to Triple K, I understood its qualities. I'm not interested in sweet protein shakes in the morning.

People ask me how it tastes. Well, well, as I'd like to think of myself as somewhat of a wine connoisseur, someone who appreciates nice wine, I tell people Triple K drinks like a Pinot Noir (floor of the forest) subtle and earthy.

I have actually replaced my morning coffee with this product. Not only do I love the way that it tastes, I'm doing something good for my body and skin.

Yeah, it is possible to have something soothing, invigorating and healthy all at once. Soothing my body mind and vanity. Yip. That’s my Triple K
- Charlene, Sarasota


Wow I couldn't believe how good it tasted!! I normally have trouble with any powdered drink but this one tastes so good you don't even realize you are drinking something that is good for you!! I just mixed mine with hot water and it was delicious! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to try it. I think you have a winner here!! Thanks again.... - Lynn


I like it! Recommending it to my Dr. friend who has a wellness clinic. Will you sell to him? - Helenya, Georgia


OH, I love Triple K! I have it as a snack in the afternoon before my Yoga Class. I feel great and it lasts me for several hours!  Veronica, Port St. Lucie


I am a 26 year old male. I hit the gym a lot and lift weights. I am kinda a health nut and particular what goes into my mouth. I started drinking my Mom’s Triple K to shut her up. She kept telling me to try it, try it, try it! She shoved one of Kellie Olver’s blog posts in front of my face talking about how great collagen protein is and all it’s especially for athletes and muscle recovery.

So, I tired it. The taste was fine. The good news is that it didn’t taste bad. I liked the fact there was no sugar or any other crap in it. Just good stuff, like organic and NonGMO stuff. I didn’t notice anything for a few days except I wasn’t hungry after I drank it.

On around the third or 4th workout after taking the product, I noticed I didn’t hurt so much the next day after a workout. It also seemed as if I could lift easier. I ignored it. Then after a few weeks, my spotting buddy commented on how quickly I was recovering and asked me if I was on any roids (steroids). LOL. Anyway, I wanted to share this because I think this Triple K product has some good stuff going on. I’m drinking it and I even took the time to write this.
- Ray, Burlington


I love the concept. But it is not sweet. I really prefer sweet stuff. Can you make one with sugar or a sugar substitute in it? I really want to drink this! - Lee, Laguna Woods


I am a Hot yoga enthusiast. You burn a lot of calories. I’m always starving right before my class and especially after. Heard about Triple K, loved the idea and concept. So, I tried it about an hour before my class. Was full during the workout and my hunger pangs were non existent after. OH, I have doubled up the serving size too. HUGE difference. I love this product.   Kellie, Palm Beach Gardens

I read your testimonials so I tried your product. I was a bit scared because a few people said they needed sugar. I am here to say NO SUGAR NECESSARY. IT TASTES GREAT! And yes, I feel full and yes, my skin and nails are looking better. Keep it coming. - Marsha, Laguna Beach


My first cup, I took straight, with just hot water.

It really wasn't very palatable. But I'm pretty good at taking stuff that is 'good for me.' So I got it down. The next morning, I added a tablespoon of honey. This made a world of difference, and I actually enjoyed it. It tasted 'earthy' like you said it would, but the honey helped bring out the cinnamon undertones. It was warm and pleasant.

After the second cut, it really felt like the Triple K stayed with me and helped me feel satiated throughout the day. Thanks.
- Ali


The flavor is really good and smooth! I thought it would have the taste like and consistency of hot chocolate, but it doesn’t. I thought I would let people know this. One thing, I know it has collagen protein in it, so I was a bit concerned about the smell. It smelled good, it didn’t bother me and it tasted great! Thanks!


It works! I am not hungry! I drink 2 servings back to back and I can go for hours. Hey, I notice my hair and nails seem to be really growing fast. Is that supposed to happen? - Lisa, Palm Beach


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