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About Triple K Drink

Hi, I am Kellie Olver, developer of Triple K, a new nutricosmetic drink.

What is Triple K? Triple K drink is a unique formulation specifically targeted to enhance skin beauty, to mitigate the impacts of aging and poor diet, and to assist in weight management.

As a serial dieter over many years, I was motivated by my personal search for solutions; something I could consume every day and would want to consume every day that would really have a positive impact on how I looked and felt

This product also had to be: all natural, simple and clean ingredients, non GMO, no cholestrol and no added sugar – and it also had to taste great!

How does Triple K do this? We all know that the skin is the largest organ in the body; it is also the outermost organ, most vulnerable to environmental damage, as well as the normal effects of aging

What many people don't consider is that the external appearance of the skin is also reflected in the hidden, but very real, internal health of this organ. The skin's health and appearance is strongly affected by the depletion of collagen in the body, induced by both time – normal aging – and individual factors, such as dietary habits, yo yo dieting, exercise behavior, etc

Of course, collagen is also a key element in other parts of the body – in fact, it is estimated to represent 30 – 40% of the human body by weight. These would include other externally visible features, such as hair and nails, and not visible but very real, components such as bones,  joints, ligaments, blood vessles and vital organs. 

Collagen is composed of a certain sequence of specific amino acids.  Glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, arginine, alinine and glutamic acid being the most predominate.   Our body derives these amino acids from certain proteins we consume, but not all proteins are the same. There are at least 20 different types of amino acids in proteins, in different combinations

So, its important that the protein type we consume as we age have significant proportions of the specific collagen-inducing amino acids. For example, soy, whey and plant proteins consists of under 10% of these 3 amino acids. By contrast, nearly 50% of the amino acids in Triple K's protein are the 'Big 3' of collagen production - Proline  and Glycine plus hydroxyproline.

This protein is derived from South American, pasture raised, hormone free, beef hides, all of which are tested and every batch of which is traceable back to its source. 

Our protein provider is one of the world's most established, science-driven companies and they have studies to show a direct correlation between this protein and excellent results in appearance and feelings of health

So, our core ingredient can do the job, but this is only the start: now we also need to create a formulation that will make consumers want to actually consume our product on a regular basis

Several years of testing, modifying and, now, putting into commercial production, have produced the Triple K product. Our label is simple: we include our protein in the form of a gelatin, and add a blend of cocoa, roasted barley and rye, cinnamon, chicory and sugar beet. The combination yields an everyday drink, often used as a coffee substitute or just by itself, which only has 60 calories, but is incredibly filling and satisfying, thereby alleviating hunger pangs for several hours.

So this is Triple K: the best source of collagen building proteins available to nourish the body and make skin (and hair, nails, bones and joints) look and feel great; and the complementary ingredients to make you want to drink it every day, and, if you need weight management help, to assist in weight loss too.

Our testimonials, and repeat customers, endorse our position that Triple K does do the job, and it is 'on trend' for the needs and desires of the aging populations everywhere.