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Collagen Before and After Success Pictures Showing Remarkable Results in as Little as 4 -8 Weeks

All of us at Triple K Collagen have so much confidence in the results our customers are getting: a collagen facelift, smooth tight skin, filled in wrinkles, and thicker fuller hair. Plus, an improvement in skin redness, acne, crows feet, sun spots, looking younger and just feeling good all over! But whose counting?

That we decided to put Triple K Collagen to the test with a professional QVC-inspired before and after collagen trial photo shoot, on real people like you, using a QVC freelance photographer.

And that meant - NO CHEATING! No blurring an image, taking the after picture in a brighter light than the before picture or from a different angle, or moving the camera further away from the participant. And definitely no photoshop! This way we, and YOU, would know without a shadow of a doubt, the kind of FABULOUS "after results" that are possible for you!

Check out all the untouched Triple K collagen before and after pictures below, and see for yourself. Results may vary.

Collagen Before and After 8 Weeks: Skin Collagen Before and After, Collagen Before and After Face

Before Picture: fine lines and wrinkles under the lower lash line, skin redness, deep nasolabial folds, and sagging skin under both lower lash lines.

After Picture: Her skin and face looks plumped with collagen. Everything looks lifted: eyebrows, skin on the forehead, eyelids, nasolabial folds, and cheeks. Smoother skin under the lower lash line. Fine lines and wrinkles under lower lash line gone. Lashes longer, lips plumper, skin brighter, and the collagen glow on her forehead.

Collagen Supplement Before and After 4 Weeks

Before Picture: skin redness, sagging skin, crows feet , fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone

She looks younger all over! Her entire face looks lifted. Skin redness is gone, crows feet are less visible, brighter skin, nasolabial skin folds lifted, skin tighter, facial lines around the mouth much less, sculpted tighter skin on jawline, lifted cheeks, eyelids lifted and not as droopy (fleshy) on the corner.

Collagen Supplement Before and After: Skin Collagen Before and After Hair 4 Weeks

Before picture: thinning hair, acne, oily skin, rough skin texture, skin redness.

After picture: Hair regrowth on forehead hairline, oily skin gone, acne cleared up, smoother skin texture, tighter jawline, skin on face tighter and lifted, nasolabial fold wrinkle filled in and less apparent. Skin fold at the corner of the mouth is gone.

Collagen Before and After 8 Weeks: Collagen Lift, Collagen Skin, Collagen Glow, Collagen Texture

Before Picture: skin redness, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, dull dry looking skin.

After Picture: She looks younger and fresher. Face looks lifted and tighter all over. Skin redness and skin texture improved;  pore size minimized on cheeks, forehead, and chin area; less blotchy skin; eyebrows lifted and thicker.

Collagen Hair Growth Before and After 8 Weeks

 Before Picture: bald spot, thinning hair, scalp visible through thinning hair.

After Picture: new hair, thin spots filled in, scalp less noticeable, bald spot less noticeable,

Before and After Collagen for Men

Before Picture: Skin redness, sagging skin, crows feet, undereye wrinkles, deep nasolabial fold.

In Just 4 weeks, his face looks more youthful lifted all over! Chin is more pronounced. Skin looks tighter and firmer. Crows feet, forehead wrinkles, and deep wrinkles under the eye and around the eye are much better. Skin redness is gone; stronger jawline, lifted cheek, stronger jaw; nasolabial fold is less deep and lifted.

Before and After Collagen Supplement

Before Picture: Forehead Wrinkles, Skin Redness, Skin Texture, Undereye Circles, Facial Lines and Wrinkles, Hormonal Acne.

After Picture: Her face looks younger, brighter and tighter all over. Reddness less visible, acne spots gone, nasolabial fold lifted and less visible.

Collagen Before and After 4 Weeks

Before Picture: Skin starting to droop on the lower half of face, skin redness, blotchy, uneven skin tone, nasolabial fine lines, and marionette lines around corners of the mouth.

After Picture: Collagen facelift: look at how much tighter her face looks; how much higher her eyebrows are in the after, than in the before picture. Skin redness is minimized, nasolabial and mouth lines are almost gone, "11" between the eyebrows is much less noticeable. Brighter righter skin.

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Collagen Supplement Before and After 4 Weeks

Before Picture: Skin texture, neck wrinkles, facial wrinkles, thin lips, sagging jawline, dull skin.

After Image: front and side neck wrinkles smoother and greatly decreased; facial skin and jaw line tighter and lifted; collagen lips - you can see the red vermillion in the after picture; brighter skin

Collagen Before and After Hair, Collagen for Skin Before and After

Before Picture: Hair loss, thinning hair, dull rough looking skin, enlarged pores.

Hair is looking fuller and thicker, skin looks smoother, firmer, and healthier; pore size looks minimized.

Collagen Supplement Before and After Neck: Collagen for Skin Tightening

Before Picture: neck lines and neck wrinkles, plus loose skin on the neck creating the appearance of a hole in the neck, underneath the chin.

Collagen Before and After 8 Weeks: Collagen Eyebrows & Collagen Eyelashes

Before Picture: normal eyelashes normal eyebrows

After Image: Longer, fuller collagen eyelashes. Thicker, fuller, lifted collagen eyebrows.

Collagen Before and After

Before Picture: loose saggy skin on face, ruddy complexion, apple chin.

After Picture: Looks like a different person. Tighter, lifted skin, brighter skin, more defined chin, Ruddiness less, more sculpted and defined.

Collagen For Men: Deep Forehead Wrinkles, Skin Redness, Blotchy Uneven Skin Tone, Skin, Crows Feet,

Before Picture: all of the above.

After Picture: in only 8 weeks, forehead wrinkles filled in and less prominent, skin redness much better, improvement in uneven skin tone, huge improvement in crows feet and wrinkles around the eyes.