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Lost Pounds and Inches Naturally. Reduce Wrinkles and Saggy Skin. Increase Nail and Hair Strength.
Look and Feel Your Best with a Slim Healthy Body and Younger Looking Skin
The Real Deal Best Inside Outside Transformation Kit
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Doctor's Testimonial. Dr. Muhammad Usman MD, Certified Nutritionist

I can always tell which one of my patients is using Triple K and who is not simply by the vast difference in their skin and overall health. TK is a must for everyone. Safe. No chemicals, no stimulants.

Dr. Muhammad Usman. MD, B.Sc., Certified Nutritionist
Kellie Olver | Creator

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Age 39

Kellie Olver looks better at age 56 than she did at age 39
--Unretouched Photo

Age 56

Discover Kellie's Inside Outside Approach to Beautiful Aging
--Unretouched Photo

Why does Kellie look better at 56 than she did at 39?

Discover Kellie's Inside Outside Approach to Beautiful aging HERE *

*Disclaimer - Results are not typical and may vary.

Before & After

I am 64 and weight gain is a bigger problem at this age. I do not diet and I hate exercise. I started having a hot delicious triple k after supper. My cravings disappeared and the weight flew off.

Andrea R. from San Antonia, Texas *
*Disclaimer - Results are not typical and may vary.

I love the taste of Triple K and love wearing my little red dress again! Thank you Triple K! The inches melted away!

Jackie D. from Montreal, Canada *
*Disclaimer - Results are not typical and may vary.
*Disclaimer - Results are not typical and may vary.

What makes Triple K different

  • Great Tasting Healthy High Protein Supplement
  • Collagen Replenishment
  • Stimulant Free Metabolism Booster
  • Weight Loss!
  • Non GMO Hormone Free Animal Protein
  • Exotic Great Tasting Formulation

How does Triple K work?

Focuses on the inside you, delivering over 20% RDA of protein in every serving! Excellent for weight loss! Triple K uses collagen protein in its formulation, which contains more collagen boosting amino acids than other proteins for beautiful skin, hair plus healthy bones and joints

Amino Acid Percentage of Protein (%)

Proline Hydroxy-Proline Arginine Glycine Alanine Glutamic Acid
Triple K 1312820811
Whey 4221.5413
Soy 5084419
Contains more collagen-boosting amino acids than whey or soy and other plant proteins

Triple K Amino Acid Profile

What makes Skin FX different

  • Eliminates Look of Stubborn Lines and Wrinkles
  • Crepey Skin and Enlarged Pores Less Noticeable
  • Brightens Complexion Revealing Youthful Glow

How does Skin FX work?

Crepey Skin FX is a full range of corrective beauty treatments addressing the visible signs of aging including sun spots, uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles and more. Formulated with an exclusive  propriatary blend of 10% glycolic acid, pure essential oils, soothing botanicals and anti-oxidants to reveal smoother, plumper, more alive looking skin.