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Collagen Benefits for Firm and Vibrant Skin

Collagen Benefits for Firm and Vibrant Skin

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Proteins do more for you than any other food content does. They fix your joints! They lose your weight! They keep your hair shiny and smooth! They make your brain happy! But one thing that you have always heard is their impact on your skin! It’s no secret that proteins help to  keep skin firm and vibrant. But not all of them! There’s a particular protein involved in skin health and this article is designed to explore that protein: COLLAGEN!

Collagen has a plethora to offer when it comes to skin. I strongly believe that collagen helps and science backs this  claim. That’s why you need to know about all of collagen's benefits and how collagen helps to create firm and and vibrant skin. So, here you go!


What is Collagen?

Before exploring collagen benefits for firm and vibrant skin, you need to know what collagen is. It’s a type of protein made up of many amino acids like Proline, Hydroxyproline and Glycine. It makes up many structural components in our body specially joins and skin. For more details what collagen really is, read this article titled, "What is Collagen?"

How does collagen help your skin?

1. It maintains elasticity

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Collagen works wonders for your skin. It’s a natural component of your skin structure. Your skin has different layers but one that gives it elasticity is dermis.

"But what makes dermis capable of maintaining this elasticity?" you may be thinking? COLLAGEN!

Collagen is the main component of dermis. While aging, your collagen levels go down and elasticity reduces. That’s why your skin becomes saggy and drooping! So, collagen is your friend that keeps your skin right and firm! [1]Research has also shown that in absence of structural support provided by collagen, skin becomes fragile.

2. It retains moisture

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One of the biggest reasons of skin damage is dryness. When your skin is out of water, its cells dehydrate and lose their firmness. But collagen changes this game!!! Collagen has this unique power of absorbing moisture. It keeps your skin hydrated and supple. When your skin cells have enough water, their health stay top notch and you get a dewy glow! Amino acids in collagen also provide your skin enough nutrients to stay healthy!

A great way to get the best dose of the very specific acids which support beautiful, radiant skin is with gelatin.  

And a tasty, convenient way to get gelatin is with Triple K, drink a tasty, delicious and convenient way to get 11grams of Collagen Protein that supports skin beauty and other body benefits!

Triple K Drink has significantly greater collagen boosting amino acids than Whey or Soy  that replenish and fortify the scaffoldin that holds everything in place both inside and out.  

Once you drink it, Triple K also introduces some of the nutrients that might have been lost through dieting and or poor nutritional choices.  

Better yes, Triple K is an EXCELLENT source of protein with only 60 calories per serving.

3. It ensures cell turnover

Cell turnover is a major indicator of skin health. You think your skin cells stay intact for your whole life? Of course they don’t! Those nasty patches on soles of your foot are due to dead skin cells. Needless to say they affect appearance of your skin! But collagen makes sure your skin gets a constant supply of fresh cells. It improves regeneration of cells and increases cell turnover! So, your skin stays fresh and new always!!

4. It reduces scars

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Fed up with that acne scar ruining the appearance of your face? They are nasty! But collagen can help you with that. It has ability to regenerate and fill the acne scars. It speeds up tissue formation in your skin and scar heals quickly! It also fills in between the fine lines and keeps your skin cohesive! With your scars gone, the complexion becomes flawless. That’s why it’s one of the top collagen benefits for firm and vibrant skin.

So, there you go! All the collagen benefits for firm and vibrant skin listed in one article! Now you know why collagen is so important for you and why its supplements sell like hot cakes!

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