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Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Collagen: Your Skin’s New Best Friends

Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Collagen: Your Skin’s New Best Friends
The battle begins at birth.  From the day we are born, we begin to age.
Which is why we need collagen and alpha hydorxy acids.  Both support collagen  replenishment. And both work better when used together.
Here's the scoop on aging.

Natural occurrences in pigment cells, blood vessels and other contributors in our skin’s layers produce a thickening of the epidermis (the outmost skin layer), causing unavoidable scaling and roughness.

This is why even as babies, our mothers were coating us with lotion to keep our skin hydrated, but our well intended mommies may have been missing the boat! If they had started using alpha hydroxy acids on us way back when, our skins may have aged less. That’s right —you’re never too young to reap the endless benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids— also known as fruit acids.

Clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of Alpha Hydroxy Acids in improving the appearance of wrinkles and improving skin tone, including elasticity, tone and hydration. Studies have also shown that using a 10% Glycolic Acid (alpha hydroxy acid) 2 times a day can lead to an improvement in wrinkles and a more even skin pigmentation. You can read the abstract of the study located in the US National Library of Medicine here.

Skin naturally dehydrates, and the mechanism of digestion only adds to the process. Anything you can do to hydrate your skin, other than drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of watery fruits (such as watermelon), is going to quench your skin’s never-ending need for hydration.

If we neglect our skin’s need for the proven effectiveness of sensational ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acid and collagen, we end up aging with the dreaded crepey skin. It is just inevitable, folks.

Here’s some real science —straight from the US National Library of Medicine.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) act on both the epidermis (outer skin) and the dermis (skin under the skin) levels, and are used to effectively treat a myriad of skin ailments —such as extreme dryness and acne scars.

Photo by stockimages at www.freedigitalphotos.netInitially used for treatment of Hyperkeratosis and other skin conditions, when applied to the skin, AHAs have been known to encourage the (exfoliation) shedding  of epidermal cells. This stimulation results in the sloughing off old scaly skin, and kick starts cellular renewal!

AHAs have also been found to encourage softer skin and even skin tone —including reducing dark spots, and lessening blemishes.

AHAs restore the essential hydration our skin must have in order to look healthy and retain a youthful appearance.

There is simply nothing better for your skin than Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA).
No other ingredients can match the real, proven power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids when it comes to ridding your skin of uneven color and dryness. This is partially because AHAs work by dissolving “gluey” lipids that bind skin cells together, and penetrate down into the skin to awaken new, hydrated tones skin you’ll be proud to show off. Products high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids are indeed friends to the skin.

When starting the use of AHA's some people may experience a slight stinging and sun sensitivity. Not a big price to pay when I tell you that studies have shown Glycolic Acid (AHA) treatments encourages the synthesis of collagen! You can read an abstract of the published article here, in the US National Library of Medicine.

Which leads us now to collagen. Your skin needs collagen, too!

Photo from
Found in our bones, skin and muscles, collagen is the amplest protein in our bodies. It is in fact the “glue” that helps hold us together. Collagen provides skin strength and also helps to replace those dead skin cells.

Production of collagen naturally slows as we age, which is one reason why the battle is on against crepey skin. Which is a big reason why you need AHA's as they have the ability to improve the appearance of your skin in terms of smoothness, wrinkles and elasticity.

AHA and collagen are a phenomenal pair of ingredients because they are both warriors against aging.

Use  products that contains both hydroxy acids and collagen twice daily —and reap the benefits times two!

Always protect your skin from the sun. Neither AHAs or collagen serve to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.
Till Next Time,
Growing Younger Everyday!