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What is Collagen?

What is Collagen?


Collagen is a protein. In fact,  collagen is numero uno and tops on the list as being the most abundant protein in our body. Collagen is also the glue that holds your body together. Now, collagen is not a "glue" per say, but rather a structural protein that holds everything in place.


A visual way to describe collagen is to imagine the scaffolding on a building or bridge that keeps everything up and holds it in place. Take away the collagen and everything drops!  


Good news is our bodies produce collagen but alas, as we age, our ability to produce enough collagen to keep our skin looking plump, full and youthful goes into decline. Throw in sun, alcohol, tobacco and stress and that scaffolding begins to fall down and suddenly aging skin appears in the form of crepeyloose skin plus aches and pains set in to our joints and put us on the sidelines of life.

Best news is you can supplement your body with collagen. You can eat collagen boosting foods, take oral supplements, get collagen injections (ouch) or make a bone broth which is rich with vitamins, minerals and a boat load of amino acids. If you don't have time to cook the proverbial golden goose to make the broth (bones skin and all) you can get all that collagen protein from ready made gelatin. Click on the box below to see my favorite way to get 11 grams of collagen protein added to my diet daily!



Before I dig deeper into What is Collagen, let me tell you why I love collagen.


I was introduced to collagen protein through the form of gelatin (you can read all about  the difference between the two here) via bone broth by my Auntie Mary and Uncle Doug as a young girl. (That is part of the reason as I LOVE my Aunt and Uncle).


Both my Aunt and Uncle used to make and drink bone broth and gobble up  deserts out of flavored gelatin.


Little did they know that gelatin and bone broth had COLLAGEN in it!


And I believe that to be the reason both my Aunt and Uncle looked (and behaved) at least 20 years younger than their chronological age. As an Anti-Aging expert, now you can understand my passion and love for collagen.... 


This is why  I decided to tell you all about collagen: What is Collagen? What does it do to your body, skin and joints? How it can be obtained?  So stick to your computer screens and read on!

What is Collagen?



Collagen is a biological molecule —protein more precisely— abundantly present in your body. It strengthens your joints, renews your skin cells, and makes a bulk of connective tissues. It holds your body parts together with firm matrix composed of fibrils, woven against one another tightly. These fibrils have various kinds of amino acids (so, now we got collagen’s big secret!). These amino acids are what benefit your body.

What does Collagen do?

Collagen gives your body structural support. It sits between your joints and keeps them friendly. It supports your cartilage and saves it from wear and tear. It gives your skin a dewy glow and suppleness! It provides your connective tissues with biological machinery! It keeps your body away from getting aged! So, really, the real think question should be: Is there anything Collagen cant do? 


So, What IS Collagen? It’s actually a mixture of amino acids like LysineProline, Hydroxyproline and Glycine,  combined with many others.


These amino acids play various roles in your body and each of them benefits you in its own way. Some keep your ligaments fit and tight. Others make your hair thick and healthy! Some keep your skin looking soft and young. So, collagen isn’t just a biological molecule, it’s a whole phenomenon that keeps your body going!

Source: Metamax Videos

[1]It also proves effective supplement for anti-aging lifestyle. The reason is its property to keep your body well-structured and repairing its wear and tear. It also keeps your skin elastic (Hey, no wrinkles!) so, aging doesn’t dawn on you prematurely.


Better joint mobility is another benenefit collagen provides.  We loose collagen as we get older which is why collagen supplemtnation is so beneficial.  Collagen keeps your cartilage healthy and fluidity between your joints exceptionally friendly. So, no friction, no immobility or joints pain and you stay young as a teenager!


How can Collagen be obtained?


Collagen is found naturally in your body. Your body produces it endogenously (why do you think you need proteins in your diet!). But you can supplement it exogenously too. It’s present in bodies of all animals. Their flesh is full of connective tissues and these tissues are loaded with collagen, minerals and protein (probably why my Aunt and Uncle loved bone broth!).


Me, I get my protein daily from eating high protein sources such as salmon, and lean meats.  Also from collagen boosting foods such vitamin c rich foods including Kiwi and rd peppers plus  nuts and legumes. I top up my collagen consumption with Triple K Collagen Protein every day.


So, in a nutshell, What is Collagen? It’s a protein you need for a healthy body, beautiful skin and yes, even a keen mind. 

It's that simple.