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7 Day Jumpstart to Reverse Aging E-Book

7 Day Jumpstart to Reverse Aging E-Book

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Product Description

Eat your way to a beautiful, younger looking looking and feeling you with The 7 Day Jump Start to Reverse Aging.

37 page E-Book

Contains education, instructions, menues, recipes, shopping guides.

The purpose of this detox is to cleanse your body to rid yourself of the toxic trash dump inside you. While at the same time replenish your system with collagen boosting fresh fruits and vegetables to clear the way for your new ageless nutrition lifestyle and for a brand new, more youthful looking and feeling you! Imagine how you will show up once you have completed this program!

This program is not designed as a diet aid to lose weight, although many of you may experience some to significant weight loss during the process.


What can you expect after the 7 days?

Younger Looking skin 

Increased Energy

Increased Focus Emotionally grounded

Brighter Eyes

Whiter Whites of your Eyes

Brighter, Clearer, Firmer Looking Skin

Flatter Stomach

Kicked Some Cravings

Reset your taste buds for tasty, ageless nutrition

Maybe-even a few pounds lighter